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Top 5 Places to Ride Some Waves in Riviera Nayarit this 2022.

Actualizado: 16 mar 2022

Whether you are an experienced surfer, or you are taking your first steps to learn more about this fun sport, we invite you to meet the waves of the warm oceans on the coast of the Pacific Ocean! In this blog, we share our Top 5 Places to Ride Some Waves inBahía de Banderas this 2022


Here, the waves go from good to excellent, but what really leverages this space is its atmosphere and its Bohemian vibe. These elements provide the perfect colors and flavors to your surf sessions. In Sayulita the visitors and locals are picturesque and colorful on the beach and on the waves. If your goal is to make new friends, in Sayulita you will achieve your goal.

El Anclote

It's an ideal beach for people who prefer to get away from crowded towns. The Marietas Islands lie just a few nautical miles off the coast of “El Anclote”, accessible by boat in just 15 minutes.

La Lancha

Here you can find a specific type of wave that is preferred by longboarders or long board surfers, when the weather is good these waves break slowly and allow surfing for a considerable distance. When there is little swell, the beach lends itself to learning to surf as there is small swell with the conditions to learn and have fun safely.

Punta Burros

It is a hidden paradise in the Riviera Nayarit, which you can enter after walking several minutes through the jungle. Its absence of tourist services, the rocky nature and the breaking of the waves do not make Playa Burros a suitable destination for those who only seek to dominate the waves.


Locals and foreigners agree that this is an ideal place to surf in Bahía de Banderas, which is why it is the frequent venue for tournaments and competitions attended by surfers from all latitudes.

I It is one of the beaches near Puerto Vallarta that cannot be accessed by land, it can only be reached by sea aboard water taxis. This gives it quite a convenient isolation, as not many people come to it, and therefore surfers can enjoy its waves more.

Traveler tip: Check the wave forecast to know what to expect during your next adventure among the waves.

Not sure where to start?

Come to Vallarta Surf Company! We highly recommend this surf school, as it was with this team that we rode our first waves, and it was totally incredible.


If you plan to surf on any of these beaches, remember to book with us!

We are a midpoint where you can rest at ease after visiting any of the beaches listed in this blog.

Written by: Pardela's editorial team

Date: January 6th, 2022

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