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3 Tips to Design a Slow Travel to the Beach with Your Pets.

Nowadays, the number of people that enjoy traveling with pets keeps growing. And, fortunately, there are more and more destinations where we can take our animal companions. In fact, many of the beaches in Mexico (in addition to being impressive) allow us to access with pets. However, if we want to make an unforgettable trip with our best friend, it is important to design our trip taking into account all the details. In this blog, we share 3 Tips to Design a Slow Travel Trip with Pets.

Schedule a visit to the vet in a timely manner.

When we plan a trip, it is necessary that our pets have their complete documentation to avoid conflicts. A passport for your pet is required in all countries that are part of the:

Keep your pet's updated vaccination record at hand

don’t forget to protect your dog against external parasites such as lice or ticks. Although the landscapes are beautiful, exposing pets to the outside always poses a risk of contagion from unwanted vermin. It is best to keep you and your dog safe from these agents.

Choose the right destination and accommodation.

It is important to think not only about the accommodation, but also about the ideal restaurants and attractions so that your dear friend is pampered as it should be. Choose the restaurants where they will make you feel at home on a beach full of charm that your puppy will be fascinated by.

Be careful with transportation.

An essential part of the slow travel manifesto is to enjoy every minute of the trip, including transportation. And although for us humans, traveling by plane is undoubtedly the ideal way to get to our destination quickly, we cannot say the same about our four-legged friends. Unfortunately, traveling by plane for dogs can be very stressful and dangerous, so we invite you to consider alternative ways to enjoy your trip while being with your pet.

As animal lovers, we always look for ways to help our tenants find a safe place for their pets while following and respecting the rules and regulations of our lodgings. If you are interested in planning slow travel with your pet, we would love for you all to stay with us! Do not hesitate to reach out through our social media, we would love to help you answer questions to receive you with your beloved dog.


Ready for a Slow Travel adventure with your pet?

Get in contact with us! We would love to have you and your pet in our accommodations.

Written by: Pardela's Editorial Team

Date: November 4th, 2021

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