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Slow Travel Manifesto to Enjoy Puerto Vallarta.

We want you to fully enjoy your time in our accommodations, and as you know, we strongly believe that through Slow Travel you can make the most out of your time and resources to truly know your surroundings in a fun, responsible and sustainable way. Find below our Slow Travel Manifesto to Enjoy Puerto Vallarta during your next visit.

1. Avoid crowded destinations. Do your best to visit the less crowded spaces, this allows you to enjoy a cleaner environment at your own pace and take the best photos.

2. Travel during low season. Traveling during low season is an underestimated gold mine for slow travel fans. During these days, you boost the economy of locals (that will treat you like a total V.I.P.) while reducing the pressure that nature receives during the most crowded weeks.

3. Plan long trips. Express culture tends to be very polluting. We invite you to plan a long trip to know to the fullest a single destination.

4. Choose eco-friendly transports. In many cases it is unavoidable to travel by plane or boat, but it is important to take into account the policies for caring for the environment that are managed by the different transport chains.

5. Opt for excursions or guided tours organized by the locals.

In addition to fueling the circular economy by directly supporting local communities, no one knows the lands to explore better than someone who was born and raised in the area.

6. Support artisanal and seasonal production.

It is always a great thing to eat in local restaurants, shop in markets and attend cultural events organized by locals. Supporting the seasonal, local and artisanal.

7. Get to know the traditions.

As a continuation of the last point, we recommend knowing the seasonal events available during the dates of your next visit to Puerto Vallarta. In addition to making your visit more unique, you will help these seasonal events continue to grow and improve year after year.

8. Be frugal with the use of resources.

As far as possible, shorten your consumption of water, electricity, and gas. The planet requires our commitment to save the green more than ever, and nothing gives as much satisfaction as traveling sustainably.

9. Respect the environment, find out about laws and protection regulations.

A conscientious traveler always seeks to respect the way of life of the places he or she visits. To achieve this, it is important to know the rules and regulations. We leave you the current regulations in Puerto Vallarta at this link.

10. Support local restaurants and accommodations. Supporting projects that have an impact on the community is always a good idea. Designing your trip is part of slow travel, know your accommodations and make a list of the places that arouse your curiosity the most as a starting point, but listen to the locals recommendations to turn your visit into an exceptional one. Want to know our personal favorite? Visit La Ola de Vallarta to taste some real good seafood! This restaurant is located in Nuevo Vallarta, but it’s totally worth the ride.

And with this we finish our Slow Travel Decalogue. Why don't you follow our social networks to learn more about Slow Travel in Mexico? You’ll find a lot of updated information about where and how to have fun at our accommodations!

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Why don't you follow our social networks to learn more about Slow Travel in Mexico?

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Written by: Pardela's Editorial team

Date: 28th October, 2022

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