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Whale Migration through the lens of Koukouy

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

During the months of December to March, the shores of the Mexican Pacific become sanctuaries and a migratory route for hundreds of whales of more than 30 different species.

Peace is perhaps one of the sensations that these gigantic cetaceans most evoke, however when you are in their presence, the energy that you breathe rises from second to second.

The whales return year after year to the same bays, where the life cycle: mating, breeding, and death takes place. It was precisely in one of these places where during an expedition, on the least expected day, we embarked with the illusion of seeing a whale.

30 minutes after setting sail, the captain warned us that we were already close to the promised area, he slowed down until he was practically still, suddenly the cry of: "THERE!, OVER THERE!, HERE!".

We were surrounded! Wherever we turned to, we could see their fins, heads, and spouts that they cause when breathing.

The sea was calm, and the sun was hiding behind the clouds, which made it possible to see the sea surface without reflections and clearly distinguish each time one of them emerged. The captain's experience allowed us to identify the place where they were concentrated.

There, we turned off the engine and let them come to us. I was debating whether to continue looking at the cell phone with the image I received from the drone that was flying over us and that showed at least half a dozen whales dancing a few yards away, or trying to capture them when they came out to meet us.

After a couple of hours of frenzy, calm reigned. We were no longer foreign to them, nor were they to us. So we began to observe them more closely, appreciate their movements and sounds, and try to recognize them by their features. The sun began to wreak havoc and the umbrella was necessary, we were just about to return to port when a whale appeared, no doubt she wanted to say goodbye to this incredible experience, posed for the photo, submerged and each one continued on their way.


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Written by: Gerardo Cárdenas "Koukouy"

Date: March 31st, 2022

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