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Guadalajara for nature lovers

In this blog, we want to share with you 5 spaces to discover what Guadalajara has to offer for nature lovers.

Guadalajara is a glamorous city, famous for being a great business and office center, but within this concrete jungle, you can also find superb places to connect with your natural side. In this blog, we want to share with you 5 spaces to discover what Guadalajara has to offer for nature lovers.

Michin Aquarium

In this aquarium, you’ll find the perfect combination of science and environmental education. The activities here are oriented to promote the conservation of biodiversity.

Throughout the 5 pavilions inside the aquarium, you’ll find:

  • Dedicated spaces to different indigenous cultures of Mexico.

  • 300 different species and more than 20 thousand organisms inhabiting the aquarium.

  • Recreational activities.

  • Workshops.

  • Interaction with species.

  • Habitat representations.

Are you ready to admire the majesty of the aquatic kingdom at its finest?

How do you get there?

The “Michin” Aquarium is located in Guadalajara’s downtown, so it is pretty easy to get to its facilities by car, truck, or train. For instance, if you are staying at the Pardela lodges located in the “Americana” neighborhood, you can reach the aquarium in 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the hourly traffic load.

Bosque de la Primavera

Since 1934, an area of approximately 10,000 km² bordering the city of Guadalajara, including La Primavera Forest, has been declared a forest protection zone. Within “La Primavera” forest, you can carry out various activities such as:

  • Camping.

  • Picnicking.

  • Biking.

  • Environmental education activities and hiking.

You won't want to miss this majestic forest, which is a habitat for various endemic species in the Metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

How do I get there?

La Primavera is approximately 30 minutes from Guadalajara, you can enter the forest through the highway to Nogales or through Avenida Vallarta.

Zoológico de Guadalajara

Since its inception, the Guadalajara Zoo (which has 50 fully developed hectares) has been a space for healthy family recreation. Here it is important to highlight that this organization has always sought to awaken and cultivate interest in nature conservation.

This zoo is one of the most influential in Mexico and also one of the best rated in Latin America. Among its more than 1,400 animals, you can find species such as the jaguar, coyote, Mexican wolf, elephant, buzzard, giraffe, golden eagle, chachalaca, and birds such as the crazy yellow head.

How do I get there?

Located in the north of the city, exactly between Colonia Independencia and Periférico Norte on Avenida Paseo del Zoo 600.

Want a sneak peek? You can take a look through a virtual tour.

Isla de Mezcala

On the border between Jalisco and Michoacán, in the middle of Lake Chapala’s shores, there is a small island with curious stories to tell. The island of Mezcala has been the scene of great battles. On that little piece of land, there was a dungeon called “El Presidio.”

Although the “Isla de Los Alacranes” is a visit that only requires 2 to 3 hours, you will be close to the boardwalk of Chapala and Ajijic, where in addition to finding handicrafts and an attractive local market, you can try the “charalitos” and visit the hidden local restaurants. You cannot leave without buying a Donuts Donuts delight, you will love them.

How do I get there?

If you like adventures, taking a water taxi from the municipal seat of Mezcala to visit "The Island of Ghosts" is a must for your next trip. Your destination is only 35 minutes* from the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco by car.

*Estimated time outside peak hours.

Parque ecológico los hervores

Do you like hot springs? Then this is the perfect option for you. Los Hervores Ecological Park is a secluded and rustic space that invites you to connect with nature; here you can go camping and enjoy its pools with thermal waters, or if you prefer to cool off, you can opt for the option of rustic pools with colder water.

If you are a more adventurous person, it is also possible to jump into the “Los Patitos” river with warm water. This is an unforgettable experience!

How do I get there?

Los Hervores Ecological Park is located 75 minutes from Guadalajara. To get to your destination from Guadalajara, you must go north on highway 23 of Tesistán to the outskirts of the city of San Cristóbal; in a few minutes, you will reach a detour with Ixcamilpa; this is a well-paved road that will take you to your destination in 20 minutes.

If you don't have much time to leave the metropolitan area and visit one of these wonderful places, you can always plan a morning getaway to the Bosque de Los Colomos; here you can not only enjoy the fresh air but you can also see beautiful birds and small species that inhabit the forest, while you enjoy a delicious breakfast at Santo Coyote, or with the mouthwatering snacks, they sell at the main entrance of the forest (these range from juices and fresh fruit to pieces of artisan bread and coffee.)


Do you want to know any of these beautiful spaces where we celebrate and recognize the value of nature in Jalisco?

Prepare your accommodation for when you want to visit these beautiful spaces!

Written by: Equipo editorial Pardela's Editorial Team

Date: July 7th, 2022

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