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5 Reasons to Spend Your Summer at the Beach This 2022.

In today's blog, we give you 5 reasons to visit the beach on your next vacation.

Summer is here, which can only mean one thing: summer vacation! How do you want to live this summer of 2022? Whether you wish to travel with your family, with your partner, or find yourself during these warm days, in today's blog, we give you 5 reasons to visit the beach on your next vacation.

You feel mental and emotional well-being.

You know we're not lying here; the movement of the ocean is magical, almost hypnotizing. When we sit by the sea and lose ourselves in its immensity, a feeling of tranquility and well-being runs through our body, and this allows us to restore our energy and gives us renewed strength.

In fact, an article published in The Environmental Research states that taking short, frequent walks through blue spaces—especially those with water—could benefit people's well-being and mood. Don't you feel like walking barefoot on the seashore whilst leaving your worries behind?

You sleep better!

Surely you already know the benefits of white noise – like the famous ASMR- which helps you relax or fall asleep. Well, the movement of the sea falls into a very particular spectrum of this category; you can find it as “pink noise” Pink noise helps to fall asleep.

Sleeping listening to the waves crashing on the shore is a delight, and now that you know that it is scientifically proven that sleeping to the sound of these sounds is relaxing, why not try it?

You can swim in the salt water of the sea.

Saltwater has an anti-stress effect, as it can reduce the production of adrenaline.

In addition, swimming in the sea burns up to 600 calories, a fairly high average because the muscles in movement work much more than exercises on land.

Exquisite and fresh culinary experience.

Expanding knowledge about a culture from a culinary perspective is the dream of any foodie. This activity allows you to experience new flavors while increasing your catalog of unforgettable experiences, since food has a potent and memorable effect on your senses -from the palate to the smell.

When you are near the sea, eating seafood is basically a must. The freshness of the products perceived in fresh dishes such as ceviche or elaborated dishes such as grilled octopus is just remarkable.

Culinary experiences are not only delightful for the heart, but a diverse and healthy diet also helps maintain a healthy body. It prevents non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. And if that's not enough, eating seafood brings cardiovascular benefits.

Reduce your stress levels.

The sea is a natural cure for stress. The fact of sitting on the sand to listen and watch the lapping of the waves calms the mind. And if you decide to swim, you will likely find peace after a day of physical activity; all this without counting the properties of saltwater, such as magnesium, which, combined with fresh air and plenty of vitamin D, is guaranteed to help reduce stress and anxiety.


¿You're still not convinced to plan a trip to the beach?

Take a look at our accommodations! We guarantee that it is the last little push you need to decide to visit paradise during your next vacation.

Written by: Pardela's Editorial Team

Date: July 21st, 2022

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