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5 "antojitos" to Celebrate September

If you want to get familiar with the roots of Mexican gastronomy, it is important to add a couple hours in your agenda to visit markets, tianguis or street stalls where you can find the different "antojitos" available in the region.

Tacos al pastor

The tacos al pastor are made from marinated pork in a sauce that contains chili peppers, spices, vinegar, pineapple and other delicious ingredients and served with cilantro, onion, lemon and salsa of your choice.

These are originally from Mexico City, but tacos al pastor are so popular and loved that as long as you are in Mexican land, you’ll run into a taquero preparing these delicious tacos.

Need further proof? This is what the experts say:

Taste Atlas placed tacos al pastor above Italian pizza and earned the title of best food in the world. Out of a maximum of 5 stars, the tacos were rated 4.6 stars, the highest rated of a total of 100 dishes from around the world.

Torta ahogada

Torta ahogada is a traditional Jalisco dish. It consists of a bread called birote salado stuffed with beans with carnitas (pork loin or leg,) dipped in a tomato and chili sauce. The original sauce with which the torta ahogada was bathed is very spicy dried arbol chile, but to satisfy palates who prefer milder flavors, sauces with less chili have been introduced to traditional cuisine.

The origin of the torta ahogada comes from a legend that says:

"At the beginning of the century a farmer came home so hungry that he took the first thing he saw (a birote, carnitas and red sauce) and made himself the dish that, to his surprise, was a delicacy."

Do you want to learn more about this dish? Visit the taco guru blog! Their personal suggestion? Tacos and cold beer are the perfect side dish for your torta ahogada.

Fish Tacos o Tacos Estilo Ensenada

Rumor has it that these tacos originated from the Black Market of Ensenada, inherited from the tempuras brought by the Asian immigrants who came to the area.

National Geographic Traveler says:

“When the Ensenada market opened in 1958 and started selling fresh, local fish, the fish tacos became legendary. Today, foodies make a pilgrimage to street stalls serving the classic combination of fried fish and shrimp accompanied with mayonnaise, salsas and cabbage. "

Fortunately, the recipe for Ensenada-style tacos has migrated to other cities successfully. Our recommendation will always be to try them in fishing cities to guarantee the freshness of the fish and shrimp.

Our traveler tip? Try the fish tacos at La Ola de Vallarta.

Blue corn Quesadillas

Quesadillas by themselves are a simple and delicious dish that finds its place at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is also multi-dynamic, since it can be made with flour or corn, fried or grilled, and in CDMX it may not even have cheese.

In Mexico you can try the blue corn tortillas and here we explain why we recommend it:

The blue corn tortilla contains a much higher level of fiber than most cereals, while its carbohydrates are easily digestible. Mexican scientists have found that tortillas with blue corn kernels are much healthier compared to those made with other types of corn.


Churros have a long and complex story behind them. They are thought to originate from China, meaning that they had to cross a long distance before reaching Mexico.

But how did it happen? This is what the story tells:

It is believed that the history of churros begins in China, where Portuguese merchants met the “Youtiao”, a strip of fried dough that was served for breakfast; Said snack was originally served in pairs, this as a symbol of the Song Dynasty Qin Hui and his wife.

The Portuguese brought this food to the Iberian Peninsula where they added sugar and gave it its characteristic star shape, thus giving rise to the delicious churro that we know.

With the passage of time, the churro was spreading until, during the time of the Conquest, it was the Spanish who brought it to Mexican territory and to the rest of the American continent.

Elotes y/o esquites

This Mexican snack is usually the subject of discussions between the different states of the country, as it is prepared and named in different ways depending on which region you are in.

This delicious antojito can include: lemon, mayonnaise, chili, salt and cheese, or even ingredients such as grasshoppers and chicken legs.

According to the legend transmitted from generation to generation, the Esquites were created by Tlazocihuapilli, the only woman who ruled the Xochimilcas (a small group of mesoamerican natives that fought fiercely against the aztecs for centuries) and who, in addition, also created dishes such as Necuatolli, Atole con miel, or Los Tlapiques, Tamale leaf wrappers.


Do you fancy any? What is your favorite Mexican snack?

Give yourself the opportunity to try one of these antojitos in one of the flea markets near the Pardela accommodations:

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Written by: Pardela Editorial Team

Date: September 15, 20223

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