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Digital Nomads in Puerto Vallarta

The new digital age allows us to change the way we work. Even better, the working conditions of a lot of companies now also allow us to choose where we want to work from.

And to be honest, why work tied to our desk in the city if we can take our workstation to a fully equipped apartment to perform home office tasks with the sea as our background? In this blog we will tell you about digital nomads and how their quest to break ties and change the office work culture has turned into an opportunity to experience the world.

Who are the digital nomads?

With the great shut-down caused by COVID-19 in 2020, many companies had to adapt to the new conditions of normality, especially social distancing. Entrepreneurs who had never considered home-office as a profitable job condition were forced to be more flexible with their employees. These changes in the labor ecosystem resulted in an inflation of the small community of people who, taking advantage of their freedom to work from home, began to make their “home” a continuous journey around the world.

Digital nomads are people with remote jobs – that is, carrying out their work through technological tools that enable work outside the office. They constantly seek to move to different cities or countries, whether in a matter of weeks or months.

Why choose Puerto Vallarta as my next office?

A day in the life of a digital nomad in Puerto Vallarta is a mix & match that can be seen in many different ways. From starting the day with breakfast in Sayulita, to a refreshing afternoon in the pool to return to work refreshed and with a fresh mindset. You can change your activities each day in a way that your mind and body are in the best conditions to increase your productivity.

In Pardela we have hosted more than one digital nomad. We know the importance of having a comfortable space to work, and that has high speed internet to avoid inconveniences. We offer you the best facilities to ensure that when you decide to start work everything is in order. Moreover, we assure you that when you close your work session the comfort around you will help you disconnect your mind from work stress and add to your overall well being.

Get to know our accommodations in Bucerías and Zona Romántica. We are sure that you will find your next home.


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